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Rental conditions

If your rental is in Tenerife and you have selected the company (Vallecid S.L.)the insurance is all risk with no excess except for speciality vehicles,cabrios,high range,additional accessories of the vehicle,company rentals and rentals of a long duration.This does not include loss of keys. Consult conditions here.

Must I pay now or on arrival?

If your reservation is in Tenerife and you decide to rent with, you can pay on arrival, accepts credit,debit cards or even cash;So it is easy,


Please remember that on collecting the car you will need to leave a deposit of 100 Euros(depending on vehicle)

Please note for Airport bookings, Credit card on driver´s name is obligatory, to cover the deposit.

A credit card in the name of the driver is required.

We want extras, how can we add them ?

You can add all the extras that you would like and that we offer for example,baby chairs,GPS,additional drivers,etc.All of these can be selected before finishing your reservation when you have chosen which vehicle to rent.


On selecting your extras,it will automatically be recalculated to the price of your reservation

What does the term excess mean?

When you rent a vehicle with excess,it means that a certain amount would be blocked or charged for the case of any damage on return. At the insurance for the vehicles is all risk without excess* to give you peace of mind and total security.


*except special or luxury vehicles.

What is the cancellation policy?

At we don´t make any charge if your plans suddenly change. If you have a reservation for a car and need to cancel up until one day before,we don´t charge anything. Your reservation will be cancelled without any cost.

What is the fuel policy?

At we don´t make any business with regards to the fuel. We give you the car with a certain amount of fuel and this amount is what you need to leave the vehicle with on the return. Although if you prefer to have the car with a full tank at the beginning and return it empty at the end, you can choose the option"Full Tank" and forget about the need to go looking for petrol stations.

What documents do I need to present on collecting my vehicle?

To collect your vehicle,you will need to present your confirmation voucher that you received by email when you made the booking, your valid driving license and passport.

A credit card in the name of the driver is required.

Documents for car rental

The renter / driver must present a valid driver license and the identity card or passport upon the vehicle delivery.
Driver licenses from non-EU countries are accepted in case when:
a) no valid Schengen visa is registered in the passport,
b) the client has a valid Schengen visa in his passport and at the moment of car rent he has resided in Europe for less than 6 months.
If the client has been living in Europe for more than 6 months, he must present a valid driving license from the EU country.
A driver license issued in a language with a non-Latin alphabet (Arabic, Japanese, Cyrillic, etc.) must be complemented by an international driver license. For the driver licenses of the countries that do not belong to the international driver license agreement, the translation by a recognized official authority must be presented in addition to the national driver license.

For more information with respect to the conditions, go to contact page.
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