Rental Cars without excess in Aeropuerto Sur Tenerife

Why choose a Fully Comprehensive Insurance with no Excess for your car rental at Tenerife South Airport? Because there are times unforeseen events can turn a trip to the island of Canaries into a real nightmare.

You have saved on the flights thanks to the low-cost companies, you have saved on the accommodation thanks to that last minute offer, you save on the insurance of your car rental and, when you have that accident due to the slippery asphalt (it happens in humid climates), you suddenly realize that to pay for the repair of the vehicle you will have to spend everything you saved and more.

Our Fully Comprehensive Insurance with no Excess car rental service at Tenerife South Airport, gives you the peace of mind that the insurance company covers all those expenses that can be caused by unforeseen problems on the road. We know that you are an experienced driver and have a low accident rate, that you are proud of, but driving on roads unknown to you, especially at night, and due to the fact other drivers may not be as competent as yourself makes it that more complicated.

Do not hesitate, choose from the wide range of vehicles available in our catalog with Fully Comprehensive Insurance with no Excess in the South Tenerife Airport that puts at your disposal, and take control of your trip.

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