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Almost always when thinking about the rental of vehicles in Tenerife, the cars are considered as the best solution for travelers looking to optimize the space-price relationship. However, islands are a place where many other activities take place and the needs may vary according to the people. That is why in Rent a Car Canarias we offer a service of rent of vans in Tenerife at really reasonable prices.

Find the vehicle you are looking for with our van rental Tenerife!

It does not matter if your needs for the rental of vans in Tenerife have to do with the dimensions of the suitcases of your trip, or are related to rent a car to make a move or to use it in specific jobs on the island. The solutions that we offer in our list of rental vans in the Canary Islands are perfectly adapted to all these uses. In addition, you can select your own according to the model you want, or according to specifications such as number of seats, capacity of the trunk or van in question, or other considerations such as extras that can be included.

The rental vans that we offer on our web in Tenerife, have the same guarantees and conditions as the rest of our car rental fleet. That means you will not have to worry about unspecified charges, or problems with additional insurance. All the information about our van rental service is available at first sight. There is no small print that can will increase prices when picking up your vehicle. We are always transparent with our customers!

Premium condiciones for van rental

We offer you the best solutions and market value for van rental in Tenerife. You can book your vehicle for a single day, but you also have the option to make a reservation for several days, and make the most of our weekly and monthly discounts. We can adapt to what you need when you need it!

And, of course, with the convenience of having a network of offices that covers the whole island of Tenerife, and the facility to pick up and deliver your van at any of our points, without having to be in the same office as pick-up, whatever suits you best.

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