BMW Car Hire in South Tenerife Airport

Anybody who loves driving will tell you that one of the best decisions you can make is, before taking off for Tenerife, is to hire our BMW rental service at Tenerife South Airport.

Why? Because choosing one of our rental BWM models gives you the peace of mind that, since arriving at the airport, you have the quality that the German company represents.

Your decision may not be based solely on your passion for driving, but more so because you are looking for a BMW in Tenerife South Airport to guarantee that your family will travel in a vehicle that incorporates the latest safety technology in the highway. Therefore, at we put at your disposal the BMW X3 with automatic transmission.

This model offers an equipment that allows you to face any unforeseen circumstance on the road: including the possibility of making an emergency call with 24h fast assistance through its integrated SIM; its trunk of 550 liters can be extended up to 1600 if you need it; and its Performance Control system regulates engine power and braking in a controlled manner to ensure safety at all times.

As you can see, choosing other services for renting a BMW in Tenerife South Airport can mean the peace of mind for those who most want to travel safely.

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