Full Tank Conditions


Choose the "Full Tank" option and forget about fuel

As a genaral rule we deliver the vehicles with a determined level of fuel and we only request our customers to return it with that same level.

Now we offer the "Full Tank" option and we deliver you the car with the gasoline indicator at its maximum and ready to go. What is best about this? The price, we shall not make money with the fuel for you will only pay the equivalent price per litre you can find at gas stations plus a small fee for the service.

The amont will depend on the model you choose:

Base Groups (44 Eur. + Tax)

Basicos(44 Eur.+ Taxes)

Fiat Panda Aut.,Dacia Sandero,Nissan Micra 5p A/C,Fiat PandaA/C 1.2,Hyundai i-10 Aut.A/C

Medium Groups (60 Eur. + Tax)

Volskwagen Polo 1.2 5p A/C, Seat Ibiza Large SW 5p, Dacia Duster 1.6 5p, Renault Captur 1.5 DCI, Jeep Wrangler, Seat León 1.5 5p, Mazda3 1.5 A/C, Chevrolet Aveo Aut., Mercedes SLK Aut, Fiat Punto

Superior Groups (75 Eur. + Tax)

Renault Traffic Cargo, Jeep Wrangler, Renault Trafic 9p, Bmw X1 Large, Volkswagen Caddy 7p, Mercedes C-200 Aut, BMW Z-4, Volkswagen Tiguan Aut., BMW 220i Cabrio Aut, Volkswagen Touran, Chevrolet Orlando 2.0 Aut., Mercedes SLK Aut, Audi TT Cabrio Aut, Citroen Gran Picasso 7p Aut., Opel Vivaro 9P, Opel Zafira 7 pl, Audi A-5 Cabrio Aut, Mercedes E250/E220 Cabrio Aut., Audi A-3 Cabrio Aut

Luxury Groups (90 Eur. + Tax)

Audi A-8 Aut., BMW 730 i Aut., Volkswagen Touareg Aut., Audi Q7 Aut., Porsche Cayenne Aut, Mercedes ML Aut, BMW X3 Aut.

Note: If you select the "Full Tank" option, you can return the car with the deposit empty. No refunds wil be made for the remaining fuel when returning the car back.

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