Tenerife Map: Top places of interest

Finally, the holidays have arrived! And if you are one of those travelers who think that the best way to spend this time is to enjoy the Spanish national wonders, but with a great weather like in Tenerife, we have good news for you. In this case, we want to make it easy by showing you some of the top places of interest on the Tenerife map. Do not know where to start? Do you want to stay in all of them for a while? Well, we recommend you to consider a rental car so that nothing can escape from you!

Tenerife Map of top destinations to go with children

It is clear that it is not the same story to go on vacation with children than without them. Taking children with you brings many joys, but it also involves thinking over a plan in which they will fit. The truth is that the island offers a wide range of options to enjoy with the youngest of the house. Still, keep in mind that the most comfortable way to move around the island in this case is to rent a car. This way, you will save a lot of time avoiding public transport delays and long routes, and so you’ll be able to organize your day much better. If you are interested in this option, take a look at these offers for car rental in Tenerife.

Tenerife Map: Places of Interest

  1. Beach. Tenerife beaches are, without a doubt, the number one leisure option for the majority of tourists. With the little ones you can enjoy calm waters of public beaches, or if they are older, there are plenty of options with water sports. Take a look at the tourist guides offers, there you can find attractions for all tastes.
  2. Mountain. Although you never think of it as a first choice, the panoramic views from the Teide are something worth enjoying. In addition, the little ones will hallucinate with the cable car. If your children are older, you can also enjoy one of the many hiking trails.
  3. Water parks. Although the best known is the Siam Park, there is more than one option for the amusement parks on the island. For sure the little ones will not know which one to stay with. But do you know what is best? They are all designed for enjoying with the whole family.
  4. Walks and nature. From many island cliffs you can observe dolphins and other animal species. It is without a doubt a free leisure plan that is worth taking advantage of. With a private car, you will find hundreds of hiking paths in Tenerife.
  5. Shows and events on the Tenerife map. Although the common maps they are not reflected, you can check the official websites of the municipalities near your accommodation for this information. Shows are held on the island throughout the year. Many of them are free, or at a really affordable price, and the options for children are multiple.

Map of Tenerife South: parties and options and for couples

If what you are looking for in Tenerife South map are leisure alternatives for couples and nightlife events, then Playa de las Américas is your choice. There are dozens of entertainment venues, focused on different themes and environments. If it does not convince you, or you want more, then another alternative is Costa Adeje. There you will find several bars and nightclubs where you can enjoy the island until the wee hours of the morning. And if this is not enough for you, during the day you can also enjoy the events in the Hard Rock terraces or try local cuisine in the guachinches, the homemade food restaurants.

All these places of Tenerife map are best to visit at your own pace with a rental car, do you have yours already?

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