Your transportation options on the island of Tenerife.


This article is intended for all those travellers who know, or do not know, the island of Tenerife. But it is clear to them that they want to enjoy its charms and that the best transport to achieve it is to rent a car and simply enjoy.

I imagine that you will be tired of listening and always reading the same advice; that the best option is to rent a car to travel Tenerife. But I cannot help but say the same thing to you. Basically because our island has its pros and cons in terms of accessibility and coverage of public transport.


Public Transportation on the island

The island’s public transportation system covers hundreds of different routes. It is worth mentioning that, since, depending on the area, it may be necessary for a line that runs from point A to point B to use several connections before your reach your final destination. This obviously implies time, nerves caused by ignorance and in some cases increase in ticket price.


Another negative aspect , is the restricted accessibility to wonderful hidden spots , villages with local charm, or even spots yet to be  discovered by you, dear traveller. Discovering these hidden wonders is almost impossible due to the fact that even though there are lines that reach all the main areas on the island, there is usually only one stop in one central point and no more. So, you will only have the option of walking long kilometres to discover the most appealing of each corner. To only then have to be wary of the return and the implied connections without mentioning your ability to carry bags to spend the day is limited and your exhausted energy levels.The truth is that for convenience, and accessibility there is no doubt that the best option is to rent a car.


Aspects that you should value


Now, before deciding to rent a car, I advise you to value the conditions offered by the Rent a Car market to avoid surprises such as: hidden costs, franchises and overvalued deposits, excess of extras, insurance coverage, etc. Do not take these aspects lightly, because unfortunately they can take away harmony in your well-deserved vacation. Then I leave the link of one of the best companies of Rent a Car of the island of Tenerife for its transparency in the conditions:


And remember, the cheap in the end can be expensive.


Happy Holidays!



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