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Canary Islands Safe Destination

Travelling to Tenerife in COVID – 19 times

Few thought that this pandemic would last so long, and even fewer thought that there would be a possible second wave. What is clear is that COVID 19 has placed every country in the world under scrutiny for cleanliness and sanitación, relentless of the economy situation and amongst everything ,it has affected directly and indirectly the pleasure of holidaying and travel.

Since Summer, many of us have decided to take hold of our lives and with all restrictions and information on board, decided to travel. But at the time of booking, there are questions, and one of them is sure to be , which destination is safe? Let´s start by sections.

Is it safe to travel?

Well it depends, why should it depend? Well there should be no risk if restrictions and sanitary recommendations are being followed.

You could be forgiven for thinking if air travel is secure, that the close proximity to other passengers is high risk. For our piece of mind, the aircrafts are equipped with HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) which absorb around 99% of microbes that can exist in the atmosphere, also the airlines have a very high hygine regime regardless.

Are the Canaries a safe destination?

It can be complicated to guarantee the safety 100% to be COVID free at a certain destination,but if lots of effort has been taken to reduce the risks , it can be said that the risk is low.

The Canary Islands have the second off least amount of incidents per 100.000 habitants, according to the Autonomic Community of Spain. That alone would give you confidence, but also the new agreement set in place by the Board of Tourism, Industry and Commerce and the Canarian Government of the plan taken up by the insurance company AXA for the subscription of a Covid – 19 travel assistance insurance, would give peace of mind to the traveller. This would mean that there is guaranteed coverage of medical bills, repatriation and if needed prolonged stay due to a quarantine related positive result. This agreement has been taken by the Autonomic Community, the Canaries being the first to benefit for it´s tourism.

How can I get around Tenerife during this pandemic?

There are still the same options of transport as before, although more visitors are more comfortable with renting their own vehicle, giving you freedom and a more personal experience, than sharing a coach on a typical excursión trip.

Is a safe rental car company in the face of Covid-19?

The answer is yes. We are strictly following the guidelines set down by the sanitary authorizations, the neccesary protocol and prevention plan being in place to guarantee the safety of our customers and staff.

We follow strict instructions, regarding higiene products, habits and prevention that have been set down by the World Health Organization(OMS) and the national and local authorites.

At we have always taken pride in the cleanliness of our vehicles and installations,even before Covid-19. All of our offices and communal areas especially are treated with extreme priority. Our float of vehicles are treated with high end dissinfection products to minimise the risk of transmission.

Furthermore, we would like to stress that any cancellations or changes to reservations are totally free, even up to 24 hours notice.

Prepared to organize your trip to Tenerife?

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